A Buyer's Story - Hill Country Telephone Cooperative

Foundation for Future Development
Twenty counties and over 2,900 square miles: that’s the current coverage of Hill Country Telephone Cooperative.  It is expanding its services each month to communities and families all across the hill country, which makes it a good fit for the 33 counties the the HCDJLS serves.  HCTC has been involved with the district show since the 1970’s.  Current director, Randy Bass has been participating in the show since 1969, first as a parent and then as a director with HCTC.  “My girls were 6 years apart and they both showed lambs, so we first started supporting the show in that way and then I’ve been with HCTC since 2000.”

HCTC is a local company with 11 directors that cover several counties.  “Our directors come to the sale and we look out for our kids in the communities we serve. A lot of these kid’s families are members of the co-op and it’s a way to give back to our subscribers.”  The company looks to support Champion animals that may come from counties outside of Kerr Co., as well as local kids and especially looks after graduating Seniors. “We look at where all the kids are coming from and we try to split our resources amongst the kids.  We try to support seniors who are trying to earn money to go off to school and feel like it’s important to give them a strong send off.”

The company believes that the HCDJLS helps the community by developing kids.  Randy says, “It teaches them a lot of responsibility and how to work and how to get along and cooperate with other people. These are life lessons that are needed.”

Laying the foundation or infrastructure  for future development. The goals of both HCTC and the HCDJLS seem to be a natural fit for each other.


Pictured Board of Directors:
Jim Haynie, Kari Potter, Randy Bass, Ed Bastian (red shirt), Charles Loeffler (blue polo), Burt Seidensticker, Kathy Bohn, Bob Trees, Randy MacNaughton, Linda Reagor