Rule Changes
Rule Changes that will affect the 2022 Kerr County Livestock Show
  1. Add two classes of Dorpers to the County Market Lamb show

  1. Add two sale slots for the Grand & Res Grand Dorper

  1. Meat Goats Rule #5 Add- All goats must be evenly slick shorn (and of uniform length) from the knees and hocks up prior to arrival on the grounds.

  2. Meat Goats Rule #5 Add -Any goats with signs of blocking, (adhesives, powders, painting, or artificial coloring) of any kind will be sifted.

  3. Meat Goats weight limit will be 65-115 pounds

  1. Market barrow weight limit will be 190-280.

  1. Non Pedigreed gilt weight limit will be 190 with no maximum