September 23, 2017
During the fundraiser event on Saturday night September 23rd the all new log for the Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show Association was revealed.
This year at the 34th Annual HCDJLS Fundraiser the new Logo was revealed.In February of 2017 a committee was formed to go though an amazing and very detailed process with Schreiner University's Graphic Design Department.  This committee consisted of, Steve Bauer, HCDJLS President; Brian Compton, 2nd Vice President; Bob Reeves, Past President; Trey Dittmar, Executive Board; Courtney Compton, General Board; Richard Lee, General Board and Charlie McIlvain, President/CEO of the Kerrville CVB. This committee met weekly for 4 consecutive weeks with this class.  Each week the students learned about our organization, listened to our ideas and presented a series of art and design along with their presentations.  As a committee we would make suggestions back to the students on what worked and didn't work well in each design and they would return the following week with a "tweaked" version and new presentation.  At the final meeting they each presented their final design project and many with examples of how it would look in the different scenarios that we might use it. It was a very difficult choice for the committee to choose only one design as these students were so talented and very impressive in their deliverable.  The one design that the committee chose was completed by Michaela Lehamann, a senior at Schreiner University. The committee came to learn after working with Michaela on her final design that she too grew up in the Stock Show world.  She is from Kyle,Texas and was raised on a farm.  Michaela said, "I was probably the most excited about the competition because of how I was raised.  I know how it is, it is a family affair.  It brought back fond memories."The committee decided that the best time to unveil the new logo was during our annual fundraiser and we certainly wanted to include Michaela.  Michaela was asked to come and not only see her design unfold but to also speak about the process that the students went through.  It was a great pleasure to, not only work with Michaela on this process, but also with the entire group of the Schreiner University Graphic Design Department lead by Professor David Smith.