Rule Changes
During the April 2016 stated meeting of the HCDJLSA the General Board voted on and passed the following rule changes that will effect the 2017 show.

2017 Rule Changes

SPECIAL RULES- ELIGIBILITY OF EXHIBITORS: In order to exhibit or sell his/her project, the exhibitor must be academically eligible under UIL or other applicable rules, and the exhibitor must also be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at the exhibitor’s school.  An ineligible exhibitor will not be allowed to bring his/her project to the show or participate in the sale.
GENERAL RULES: Add Rule #24: Absolutely no tack, feed, supplies, or etc. will be allowed to be stored outside the assigned pens. Tack, feed, and supplies will be allowed in or above the assigned pens.
MEAT GOAT: Add Rule #15-Only one tag may be present in the meat goat’s ear at time of weigh in and that is the STATE ISSUED VALIDATION TAG. No breeder tags will be allowed.
BREEDING SWINE: Add to Rule#1 – Registered gilts must be tagged with an official Texas Swine Tag and validated as approved by the Texas Education Agency Department of Agricultural Education and the Texas Agriculture Extension Service.
DISTRICT GILTS Add the following counties to the District Gilt show..Travis, Bexar, Bell, Guadalupe, Hayes and Williamson. 
DISTRICT SALE RULE: Add rule # 9..If funds from the sale of an animal are donated to an organization, the association will make the check directly to the said organization.
Registered Breeding Swine Department:  Rule#5: Classes will be broken by age following check in.  Classes will be divided, at HCDJLS discretion.
AUCTION SALES:  Rule# 4-Should a parent, grandparent, guardian or sibling (including businesses owned by said parent, grandparent, guardian or sibling) of an exhibitor who sells an animal at the annual auction, have an outstanding debt with the association, that exhibitor’s check will not be issued until said balance is paid in full. This rule will apply to money given to any “buyer’s group”, used as added money to the sale, or any other contribution to the auction.